Documentary Video Production

The International Commission for Alpine Rescue

The IKAR-CISA history in mountain rescue operations and standards goes back to 1948,
and IKAR work has affected the improvement of rescue operations everywhere in the
world. The IKAR has more than 30 member country organizations that meet regularly
and the work is closely followed by the climbing and manufacturing communities in
Europe and around the world.

IKAR celebrated its 50th anniversary in Switzerland in 2008 and Topograph Media has
produced video records of annual congress each year since 2007. The IKAR highlight
videos from Sweden 2011, Slovakia 2010, Switzerland 2009 and France 2008, can be
found on the Topograph Media Vimeo channel and linked from our home page.

Topograph Media receive support from IKAR-CISA, with the approval of the IKAR-CISA
Managing Committee, for more information about IKAR see
We have also been asked by IKAR to maintain a permanent video archive of all IKAR
meetings, and each year all the video footage taken at the IKAR Congress is added to a
hard drive maintained in Zermatt Switzerland.

Distribution of the DVDs and web based video clips are available free of charge to
mountain rescue teams around the world, as well as the climbing and manufacturing
communities. The purpose of the videos is to inform everyone about the latest
techniques and technologies demonstrated at IKAR, and how participation in IKAR can
benefit rescuers and the general public.

Topograph Media receives support from commercial sponsors to make these videos
possible, the sponsors are given credit at the end of the video and here at the
Topograph Media web site. The sponsors recognize the value of IKAR as the world wide
platform for the exchange of mountain Rescue know-how. They make it possible to tell
the IKAR story in a video that will reach more than 5,000 viewers each year, all with a
special interest in mountain rescue.

IKAR will meet in Croatia in October 2013 and in Lake Tahoe, California in October
2014. The meeting in Lake Tahoe will be the first time that IKAR will meet in the
USA since IKAR was founded in 1948. Topograph Media is seeking a few more major
sponsors, please see the sponsor page for more information.